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91355 Dentist

Where can I find a dentist in Valencia?

A dental emergency is an alarming experience that is often accompanied by pain. When a dental emergency occurs, it is important to have a plan in place with a reliable 91355 dentist you can trust. At the office of Mehran Abbassian DDS, we understand the urgency to provide prompt care and will prioritize your call for help.

91355 dentist

At the office of Mehran Abbassian, we know that a dental emergency is very distressing and our compassionate staff will do everything possible to make you feel at ease in our state-of-the-art facility. For patients who feel anxious prior to treatment, we offer sedation options to induce a calming state of relaxation. In many cases, the dental emergencies we receive at our office involve a toothache. Often, the discomfort of a toothache is a result of a cavity, damaged root and nerve, or an infection. As your trusted 91355 dentist, we are experienced in the accurate diagnosis of your dental emergency and its underlying cause and make every effort to make a plan for treatment as immediately as possible. When a dental emergency occurs, conserving time is important. You should call us as soon as a toothache begins so we can address the problem before it progresses, creating the possibility of more serious consequences.

Not every dental emergency is painful. If you are faced with the unfortunate experience of having damaged or broken a dental prosthetic, such as a bridge or denture,  our skilled, caring staff will make every effort to repair or replace it as immediately as possible. At the office of Mehran Abbassian, your reliable 91355 dentist, we treat any issue compromising the function and appearance of your smile with the same high level of urgency and compassion.  For more information about what to do in the event of a dental emergency,  and to schedule an appointment for care that may help avoid an emergency, please call our office today.

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